Bigg Boss 10 Starting Date

Bigg Boss 10 Starting Date

Bigg Boss 10 Starting Date – Bigg Boss has become a big brand today. After creating history in the television industry with eight years of runtime and 9 seasons of the show, it has returned with the 10th episode of Bigg Boss. There has been a lot of speculations about the contestants and the names that have come up are sure to make things spicy in the house. There is a lot of excitement regarding the Bigg Boss 10 Starting Date also, since there are millions of Indians waiting for it to be aired. It is a show which has gained one of the highest TRPs in the media industry.

What You Would Like To Know About The Show?

Almost all of you must be well acquainted with this show; but for those who are not, here is a short summary of what you witness on the show. It is one of the biggest Indian reality shows and has a very strong viewership. Every year, some popular faces are invited to spend 3 months on the house. They are locked away in a distant place with no connections to the outside world. The house is fully rigged with cameras and the activities if the contestants are monitored 24×7. These sessions are aired to the television. This season there are some quite popular faces such as Shiney Ahuja, Sunil Grover along with some controversial faces as well. The house is fully equipped with luxury facilities such as swimming pool, gym, etc and has the basic amenities such as kitchen,


Bigg Boss 10 Starting Date

There has been quite an amount of buzz in the past month with the Bigg Boss 10 Starting Date and rumours of all types have been heard. The biggest excitement was the promo of the show in which Salman Khan is seen holding a fire torch in his hands inside a cave. Yes, he is in the Indiana-Jones style this time. He has also been inviting common people to be a part of this show in this month and this has created lot of excitement among the crowd. The starting datehas been confirmed on 16th October by Raj Nayak (Head of Colors channel). Some famous personalities such as RadheMaa and Gutthi (Sunil Grover) are sure to make it a must watch for many fans out there.


Apart from the contestants and the big brand Bigg Boss has become in India, it has a large viewership due to Salman Khan being its host. He can surely make the TRPs shoot and has a very large fan following in India. In the former promos, Salman was witnessed as an astronaut, as Sultan and inside a lift the third time. The brand has huge expectations from this season and the records of last time are expected to be broken.Bigg Boss 10 Starting Date is on 16th October and is sure to keep you all glued to your televisions. This is a show you wouldn’t want to miss and watching Salman Khan host this show makes it a lot more delightful.

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