Bigg boss 10 host Salman khan

Bigg boss 10 host Salman khan

Bigg boss 10 host Salman khan- Bigg Boss is the TV reality show in Colors channel that have gained enough popularity in India. The show idea has been generated from a show, that has been arranged in Netherlands. However, the Indian show, with the celebrities locked in an isolated place has been great entertainment for the fans.

Watch celebrities locked in a room

There are few reasons for the show to be so much popular. First of all, the celebrities, when kept in a locked place with few facilities, under the camera surveillance, gives a sense to the fans that they are also living their life, in the same way, they do. This adds value to the life and even gives a senseof the conduct that one must do in a locked place. Thus people like to see their celebrities in a locked place with their regular lifestyle and even see the way they conduct their life. Bigg boss 10 host Salman khan


Host has made the show even more popular

The second thing that has been a prime reason for the show to be so much popular in and around India is the reason of the Host. Bigg boss 10 host Salman khanhas been the boss in the ninth session too. He has been really good to the participants. A nice human being, he is, and the way he conducted the full team was really inspiring. He scolded the participants that had done something wrong and on the other hand have motivated the full team so that they can lead their usual life in the locked place. For the reason of the host, the show has been even more promising and inspiring. Bigg boss 10 host Salman khan

Bigg boss 10 host Salman khan

This time, you will have the chance to get in touch with Bigg boss 10 hostsSalman khan  by yourself. Just upload a 3 minute’s video of yours and when selected, you will get the chance to be a participant in the show itself. You will be with your favourite stars and lead a life in a locked place with them. The most interesting fact is that you will also get the chance to be in contact to Salman Khan while being a participant of the show. The show is all set to be staring from coming October. The show timing has also been declared. The wait time is only for the live airing of the most popular reality show.

Latest Updates

This time, the show will be shown in the UAE TVs too. Apart from that you can watch and read through the updates on your smartphones too. Just get the android app that is available on the play store and the live show along with the latest news and written updates are all visible on your device. Bigg boss 10 host Salman khan

The show has got an amusing success from the first season itself. Now that the show is having Salman Khan, the Sultan star as the host, the show is going to be even more popular. If you have the dream to be in the show, the option has been opened up for the first time. So, give your audition with the videos and be on the screen for your favourite star.



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